Power distribution service provider ensuring the safe and reliable operation of electrical systems with an unmatched response and a professional team of experts.

Experienced support with an UNMATCHED response


About us

Bringing emergency power solutions and
servicing when it is needed most.

We proudly serve a growing customer base throughout Indiana, Chicago, and Michigan varying from large steel mills and power generation plants to small local manufacturers. Our services go beyond just repairs and maintenance, we ensure thorough testing and cleaning of your switchgear equipment to ensure safety as well as longevity of your machinery. We employ a team of highly skilled engineers who develop designs to advance the current capacity of your machinery for greater efficiency and reliability of power for years to come.

We Make it right, the first time!

Your circuit breakers work 24/7, we do too. With our main facility located in Crown Point, Indiana our team provides immediate service for emergencies and scheduled outages to keep your business operating.

What do we do?

Crown ERAM, LLC is a servicer and maintenance provider of power distribution systems with decades of breaker and motor experience. Our team maintains, tests, and repairs industrial low and medium voltage switchgear equipment in-shop and on-site. For customers looking to expand their knowledge and work safety preparedness, we offer engineering studies for their on-site electrical systems motor maintenance and diagnostics.

Crown ERAM’s experienced engineering team detects any issues and will develop a new design plan to advance the current capacity of the system.

With proper maintenance, industrial circuit breakers can last for decades. Crown ERAM’s technicians thoroughly inspect your switchgear with all applicable tests.

We test all varieties, sizes, and types of motors, effective in all electrical fault zones for reliability, quality assurance, trending, or fault-zone diagnosis

We scan your equipment functionality safely and quickly. Our Ultrasound non-destructively detects partial discharge and electrical corona while the Thermographic Survey measures passive infrared radiation without down time.

Crown ERAM provides industry-compliant safety education with documented hands-on on-site and performance-based training that is readily available at any location.

We disassemble the machinery, clean components, and replace worn-out parts. It is then reassembled and re-tested. Our machine shop fabricates replacement parts if necessary.