Up to 20 Students



This class is typically for personnel who operate circuit breakers and may perform quick “inspection & maintenance” of LV and MV Circuit breakers.


This course is designed to teach equipment operators how to safely operate their electrical equipment. We will touch on maintenance and inspection, but this course is NOT designed to make them technician that can troubleshoot and repair the equipment.


  • Electrical safety fundamentals review
  • How electrical systems fail & Recent product recalls
  • PPE for safe operations
  • Examples of failure
  • Breakers vs. Switches
  • Condition of maintenance
  • Failure modes
  • Breaker Sub-Systems
    • Operating mechanism
    • Main current path
    • Insulating systems
    • Overload/overcurrent sensing system
    • Trip unit
    • Safety Interlocks
  • Lubrication – Key to breaker operation
  • Examples & Videos of ‘sticky’ slow operating breaker mechanisms
  • Arcing contact
  • Solenoid vs. Stored Energy breakers
  • Vacuum bottle breakers
  • Various springs in a breaker and the function
  • Breaker instructions manuals and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Breaker testing, insulation testing, high resistance contact testing
  • Breaker control circuit (on-board and external)
  • Pictures from various failures, tracking, ozone and other interesting electrical issues

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Crown ERAM’s experienced engineering team detects any issues and will develop a new design parts to advance current capacity of the system.

With proper maintenance, industrial circuit breakers can last for decades. Crown ERAM’s technicians thoroughly inspect your switchgear with all applicable tests.

We test all varieties, sizes, and types of motors, effective in all electrical fault zones for reliability, quality assurance, trending, or fault-zone diagnosis

We scan your equipment functionality safely and quickly. Our Ultrasound non-destructively detects partial discharge and electrical corona while the Thermographic Survey measures passive infrared radiation without down time.

Crown ERAM provides industry-compliant safety education with documented hands-on on-site and performance-based training that is readily available at any location.

We disassemble the machinery, clean components, and replace worn-out parts. It is then reassembled and re-tested. Our machine shop fabricates replacement parts if necessary.

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