Crown ERAM’s engineering services meet or exceed all NFPA 70E, NED and IEEE rules and requirements. The experienced engineering team spots:

  • Mechanical issues, including over-currents, loose connections and damaged insulation
  • Environmental issues, like dust, dirt, corrosion and water vapor
  • Design issues, such as outdated equipment

Crown ERAM also specializes in studies relating to Arc Flash, Short Circuit, and Load Flow Harmonics. Load Monitoring, Relay Testing Services, and Root Cause Failure Analysis are also offered.

Call now to speak with an engineer. Learn about the advantages of changing or upgrading your power system design as well as:

  • Insulation system redesign
  • Bus fabrication and redesign
  • Custom enclosure repair and design
  • Packaged power centers
  • Relay conversions to solid-state protection
  • Remote racking equipment and install