Reliability Services

Crown ERAM’s testing and diagnostic services are the backbone of preventive maintenance

 PDMA Motor Circuit Evaluation Testing

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring system for reliability, quality assurance, trending, or fault-zone diagnosis.  Tests all varieties, sizes and types of motors; effective in all electrical fault zones

  • Power Quality AC & DC
  • Power Circuit AC & DC
  • Insulation, Stator, Rotor, Air Gap

Convenient in-plant conditions

  • Emax tests while the motor is running
  • MCE tests while the motor is down

Vibration Analysis

Crown ERAM’s vibration analysis detects faults in bearings and rotating equipment

  • imbalances
  • misalignments
  • resonance

 Ultrasound Testing

  • detects partial discharge and electrical corona—non-destructively

Thermographic Survey

Crown ERAM’s thermographic surveys measure passive infrared radiation—with no down time.

Thermograms of electrical systems measure the effectiveness of your insulation by identifying electrical leaks, loose or high-resistance areas.

Crown ERAM uses the most accurate thermographic inspection device:  our infrared cameras produce 2-dimensional thermal pictures of abnormally hot connections or components.