Ultrasonic & Thermography Detection


Estimates given by the US Department of Energy show that most plants without a routine leakage detection program have 25% to 30% of compressed air being lost. This adds to your everyday operating costs and most definitely affects the life of your compressor(s). Reducing compressed air leaks frees up air capacity to withstand production surges, stabilizes your system pressure and ultimately increases your compressor(s) service life.

Our Ultrasonic Detection Service is the most effective way to locate these costly leaks and is a smart maintenance solution to stop wasting air and start recovering lost energy revenues.

Partial discharge like arcing, tracking and corona emissions produce high frequency sounds that can be detected using Ultrasonic Detection services. This non-destructive testing is performed while equipment is running and will help you target your inspection and maintenance for your next outage. Testing can frequently be done through vent holes cabinet doors and across open air. The ultrasonic detector uses an electronic process called “heterodyning” to convert this high frequency sound to a lower range where the hissing of the leak or partial discharge can be heard through a set of headphones and stored as a waveform for analysis. When the ultrasonic detector is focused on a specific band of sound, the wind noise, voices, traffic, and normal operational sounds will go unnoticed. As long as the leak is turbulent, there will be enough sound to detect the leak ultrasonically.


Any object that has a temperature above absolute zero radiates in the infrared zone. By utilizing a high definition infrared camera, we measure surface temperatures of the units or items being scanned and present the captured information as a digitized image.

If you’re wondering how this will specifically help you better achieve your maintenance goals, let Crown ERAM reassure you, there are a number of areas where thermography will help you to better understand the presence of thermal deterioration. This maintenance ally will capture the real time temperature conditions of the surfaces being scanned and will expose any abnormalities.

More often than not, the signs of an impending failure such as elevated vibration level or higher than normal internal temperatures go unnoticed yet the results can be catastrophic. Infrared Thermography is an effective means of identifying potential problems within motors, pumps, HVAC units, chillers, electrical control cabinets, breakers, fuse holders and power distribution panels. Our program will identify irregular surface temperatures, loose or poor connections, defective components and/or unbalanced electrical loads, allowing corrective action to be taken prior to an incident or a failure. The timely identification of a detrimental temperature of a motor winding, bearing, MCC station, breaker cubicle or transformer, could prevent a catastrophic failure and save you thousands of dollars from your budget. This nonintrusive technology does not require the surfaces being scanned to be de-energized and therefore does not interrupt the production schedule.

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Crown ERAM’s experienced engineering team detects any issues and will develop a new design parts to advance current capacity of the system.

With proper maintenance, industrial circuit breakers can last for decades. Crown ERAM’s technicians thoroughly inspect your switchgear with all applicable tests.

We test all varieties, sizes, and types of motors, effective in all electrical fault zones for reliability, quality assurance, trending, or fault-zone diagnosis

We scan your equipment functionality safely and quickly. Our Ultrasound non-destructively detects partial discharge and electrical corona while the Thermographic Survey measures passive infrared radiation without down time.

Crown ERAM provides industry-compliant safety education with documented hands-on on-site and performance-based training that is readily available at any location.

We disassemble the machinery, clean components, and replace worn-out parts. It is then reassembled and re-tested. Our machine shop fabricates replacement parts if necessary.

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