About Us

Crown ERAM, LLC has been repairing and engineering switchgear for all sizes of companies since 2004. These companies include steel mills and power generation plants to local manufacturers.

Maintenance and reliability managers call Crown ERAM for expert attention to their industrial motors and switchgear. Services include maintenance, repair, testing and diagnostics, engineering, and training.

When customers call our 800 number, they know that one of our switchgear experts will bring them back up promptly. Day or night, weekend or holiday, you can count on us 24/7.

Crown ERAM has fostered our employees’ growth and safety using proven techniques and investing in new ideas and training.

“I’ve been racking breakers on and off the bus for 17 years and I didn’t know half of this”Operator at major Midwestern generating station, after completing Crown ERAM’s NFPA 70E electrical safety training

Call Crown ERAM today to find out how we are the best in both switchgear and motor industries.  Learn how we can exceed your expectations!