Crown Engineering
Repair & Manufacturing

We proudly serve a growing customer base throughout the Midwest varying from large steel mills and power generation plants to small local manufacturers. Our services go beyond just repairs and maintenances, we ensure thorough testing and cleaning of your switchgear equipment to ensure safety as well as longevity of your machinery. We employ a team of highly skilled engineers who develop designs to advance the current capacity of your machinery for greater efficiency and reliability of power for years to come.

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What makes us

Our team of professionals is distinguished by decades of experience and our dedication for our customers. Since both circuit breakers and your business work hard 24/7, we do too. That is why we send our team to provide immediate service year-round, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Above all, we value safety and self-sufficiency especially in emergency situations. We provide engaging hands-on training to customers at their plants so they can learn about the latest safety and protection practices, use of equipment, and crisis action plans.