Motor Maintenance

Motor technicians from Crown ERAM repair and maintain AC and DC motors.

  • Laser alignment
  • DC Brushes installed and seated
  • Babbitt bearings installed and seated
  • PM Lubrication program with analysis

Fan Balancing

After Crown ERAM’s technicians balance fans to reduce vibration, motors are quieter, safer and more productive.

PDMA Motor Circuit Evaluation Testing

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring system for reliability, quality assurance, trending, or fault-zone diagnosis.  Tests all varieties, sizes and types of motors; effective in all electrical fault zones

  • Power Quality AC & DC
  • Power Circuit AC & DC
  • Insulation, Stator, Rotor, Air Gap

Convenient in-plant conditions

  • Emax tests while the motor is running
  • MCE tests while the motor is down

MCE and EMAC Diagnostic Services

MCE and Emax. What is it and why is it beneficial when added to your maintenance process?

Motor Circuit Evaluation(MCE) uses a diagnostic instrument that collects dynamic and static data to evaluate the electrical aspects of motors and generators much the same as Vibration Analysis is used to evaluate their mechanical aspects. This instrument will reveal the real time electrical conditions of each unit analyzed and will trend the rate of deterioration of the discovered faults.Trending, (monitoring data points on a regular basis) allows potential problems to be identified well in advance and will effectively reduce downtime from motor failures that consumes your maintenance budget. With an understanding of the rate of degradation, MCE and Emax will deliver a higher degree of avoidance of“catastrophic”motor failures.

What types of trending data would be gathered?

There are six fault zones that should be analyzed regularly to obtain the data necessary for proper trending and accurate historical referencing.

Power Quality: (power system voltage and load current)
PowerCircuit: (includes circuit breakers, fuses and disconnects)
Insulation: (resistance to ground, capacitance to ground, polarization Index and Step Voltage)
Stator:(Winding Inductive and Impedance imbalances)
Rotor:(Current Signature Analysis(CSA), (RIC) Rotor Influence Check and In-Rush Current)

How often would the data points be monitored?

Quarterly and semi-annual trending proves to be a great deal more valuable than trending performed on an annual or at random intervals. CrownERAM suggests monthly trending on all critical application units to determine if faults exist and to establish the rate of deterioration, once discovered. For less critical units, a schedule based on the consequences of a failure would be discussed.

Vibration Analysis

Crown ERAM’s vibration analysis detects faults in bearings and rotating equipment

  • imbalances
  • misalignments
  • resonance

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Crown ERAM’s experienced engineering team detects any issues and will develop a new design parts to advance current capacity of the system.

With proper maintenance, industrial circuit breakers can last for decades. Crown ERAM’s technicians thoroughly inspect your switchgear with all applicable tests.

We test all varieties, sizes, and types of motors, effective in all electrical fault zones for reliability, quality assurance, trending, or fault-zone diagnosis

We scan your equipment functionality safely and quickly. Our Ultrasound non-destructively detects partial discharge and electrical corona while the Thermographic Survey measures passive infrared radiation without down time.

Crown ERAM provides industry-compliant safety education with documented hands-on on-site and performance-based training that is readily available at any location.

We disassemble the machinery, clean components, and replace worn-out parts. It is then reassembled and re-tested. Our machine shop fabricates replacement parts if necessary.

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